Plan To Profit

The Essential Marketing Guide for Busy Business Owners

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You don’t have time to read a big, complicated book on marketing, which is why I didn’t write one. Instead, I’ve created this short and simple guide to marketing for busy business owners.

No fuss. No frills. No filler.

Learn to:

  • Grab the attention of your ideal customer
  • Forge unique brand identity
  • Set SMART marketing goals
  • Choose and effective marketing tactics
  • Find help when you need it

In no time, you’ll have a marketing plan that works for your business.  Let’s get started.

The Plan to Profit Workbook

This free downloadable workbook is the companion to Plan to Profit. Create a customized marketing strategy using these simple (and fun) exercises. It will help you:

  • Get smart about marketing goals
  • Meet your ideal customer
  • Craft the perfect elevator pitch
  • and more!

Start building an effective marketing strategy now!